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    Customer satisfaction is the top priority at our roofing company. When you are looking for a skilled roofer in Nashua, NH, that delivers exceptional results at a great value, reach out to us. We’ve established our reputation as the roof company that residential and commercial customers can count on. Our commitment to quality is the reason why our customers call us for:

    On every job, we apply our professional attention to detail and expert workmanship to achieve superior results. We use our time efficiently to finish each job correctly and in a timely manner. And we know that roofing updates can cause a mess. As our customer, you can count on us to leave behind a clean workspace.

    Your roof is an important investment in your property. That’s why it’s crucial to choose a roofing company you can trust to do the job right the first time. When you call us, you get a professionally installed roof that appeals to the eye and defends against the elements. We’re here to schedule a time to discuss your roofing needs.

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    From asphalt shingles to commercial flat roofs, our company provides a full range of roofing services. We are Nashua, NH, roof contractors who take pride in performing top-quality installations and repairs every time. We plan and prepare for each project carefully so that we can execute it flawlessly. Since you rely on a tough, durable roof to protect the interior of your property from water damage, we take our responsibility to you seriously.

    Maintaining your interior’s energy efficiency is another vital attribute of your roof. Together with the insulation underneath, the roof helps to keep your indoors cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter without placing a pricey strain on your HVAC system. Given the significant role that your roof plays, it’s vital that you work with an experienced professional who knows what to look for.

    As your contractor, we make sure you have the right roof for your needs. We look forward to getting started on your project.

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    Your Source for Roof Replacements

    Today’s roofing materials are engineered to provide long-lasting protection. When properly maintained, an asphalt shingle roof will last the owner 15 to 30 years, while a metal roof can last as long as 50 or more years. That said, the time always comes for roof replacement. If your roof only needs some repairs to extend its lifespan, that’s the service we’ll recommend. But if it’s time for a full replacement, you can depend on us for quality work.

    With us, roof replacements don’t have to be a headache. We offer competitive prices, and we always do our best to be as minimally disruptive of your normal routine as possible. Our friendly professionals show up ready to work and ready to exceed your expectations. Roofing materials that we replace include:

    • 3-Tab Shingles
    • 30-Year Asphalt Shingles 
    • EPDM Rubber Flat Roofs
    • Aluminum Shingles
    • Corrugated Steel Roofing
    • And More
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    Residential Roof Installation Services

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    Whether you are finishing construction on a new home or updating your current one, the roof is a crucial consideration. As your property’s frontline of defense against the elements, your roof needs to be installed by a contractor who understands the demands of the task and the requirements of your property.

    Our company is here when you need a new roof installation. From start to finish, we ensure that the job is done properly. Our goal is to provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have a high-performance roof that will stand the test of time.

    Residential as well as commercial customers know they can expect nothing less than the best when they call us. We’re serious about what we do. No one on our team will cut corners or do a lazy job. That’s not how we’re built.

    Honest work for a fair price. That’s our work credo, and it applies to everything we do, from roof installations to repairs.

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    Let's talk about our Residential Roofing Systems

    Nashua Roofing Pros installs and maintains quality residential roofing systems. We make it our mission to ensure that homeowners have the roof they can depend on to safeguard their properties for the long term. When you need to install a new roofing system or repair your existing one at your residence, don’t hesitate to give our office a call.

    Residential roofing systems have four essential components:

    • Shingles - The outmost layer, the shingles prevent moisture from penetrating your interior and blocks excessive sun, and some are also manufactured to enhance the roof’s visual appeal.
    • Underlayments - Underlayments are an additional moisture barrier that lie beneath the shingles.
    • Accessory Features - Accessory products such as specialty shingles for the roof’s hips and ridges improve the look of the finished roof while contributing to its durability.
    • Attic Ventilation - A balanced attic ventilation that features air intake at the eaves or soffits and air exhaust at the ridge will help to keep your attic cooler in the summer and drier in the winter. 
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    “We got multiple quotes after learning our roof needed to be replaced. Brian and his team were professional from start to finish, and we are very pleased with our experience and with the final result.”

    Jay R.

    “They had the best pricing for the size roof we needed, and it was the best decision we made going with Nashua Roofing Pros. I'd recommend them to anyone.”

    Mitchell S.

    “We bought an older home and the roof was a mess. Brian set our minds at ease and made the process of installing a new roof very seamless. Highly recommend this company.”

    Carol D.

    Consider Eye-Catching Architectural Roofing Shingles

    With architectural shingles, boring roofing is a thing of the past. If you are interested, we can install stylish, attractive asphalt shingles that contribute a stunning design element to your home exterior. These asphalt shingles, also called laminated or dimensional shingles, incorporate fiberglass and ceramic-coated mineral granules to provide a durable, waterproof roofing solution with remarkable visual appeal.

    One of the reasons that these materials are so popular is that they duplicate such high-dollar roofing options as cedar and slate. However, architectural roofing shingles are significantly less expensive, and they don’t require any extra support on your roof to accommodate the additional weight.

    For a roof that complements the look of your home, these shingles are the way to go. Our company is here to take your call if you’d like more information.

    Signs You Need a New Roof

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    A damaged roof can lead to serious problems. When left untreated, the damage can make home interiors vulnerable to water damage, mold, and mildew. What’s worse, roofing problems aren’t always visible, so by the time homeowners notice them, there is already the need for pricey repairs.

    The good news is that you can protect yourself by calling us for a thorough roof inspection. We’ll assess your roof and recommend any necessary repairs before the damage gets worse. This way, you can get the most out of your roof’s product lifespan and the investment you made in its installation. When it is time for a new roof, though, there are certain signs to watch for.

    1. Your roof is more than 20 years old: some roofing materials are made to last for decades, and while even the most common material, asphalt shingles, sometimes make it to 30 years, it’s a good idea to take an assessment at the 20-year mark

    2. You notice shingles with curled edges, bald spots where granules are missing, cracks, mold, moss, or algae: these may be signs of roof failure, and they are a good reason to call for an inspection.

    3. The neighbors are getting new roofs: since houses within the same neighborhood tend to have been built at around the same time and with similar materials, they will usually be due for new roofs at around the same time, too.

    Roof Repair Services

    Don’t take chances with something as important as your roof. Leave it to the professionals to ensure that your roof stays in peak condition. Our roof repair services address property owners’ concerns about missing shingles, damage due to storms or falling branches, and more. Our team of skilled roofers knows what to look for and how to provide excellent service.

    When your roof needs repairs, you can count on us to get started promptly. We will identify and fix any problems to your roof so that it continues to serve as a reliable barrier between you and Mother Nature.

    Why Choose Our Local Roofing Company

    There’s no shortage of available contractors for roofs. But when you want a company with a track record of excellence, choose Nashua Roofing Pros. We are committed to each customer’s complete satisfaction. As a locally owned company, we understand the value of providing our friends and neighbors in the community with the best customer service.

    As roofers, we take pride in what we do. You can see that pride in the results of our work and in the care and attention we bring to every project. We’re confident that whatever your roofing needs are, we’re the right team for the task. We’ve built our strong reputation on our:

    • Professionalism & Integrity 
    • Superior Workmanship
    • Competitive Prices
    • Responsive Team
    • Dedication & Courtesy
    • Quick Job Completion Times
    • Clean Work Sites 
    • Roofing Expertise 

    Call us or fill out our contact form to receive a free estimate on our roofing services. We proudly serve residential and commercial property owners throughout the Nashua area.

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    We provide high quality roof installation, repair and replacement services in Nashua NH, Hollis NH, Dunstable NH, Pelham NH, Brookline NH, Hudson NH, Windham NH, Litchfield NH and more. Call us today for a free quote.